how the world will end in quran

how the world will end in islam quran

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
translation of
The end, the language of physics
Of lectures by Dr. Mansour Ali Kayali – Syria

In Islam we believe that there is an end to the world this is written in the Qur’an, but time and moment are hidden by God. people are exploring the works of good or evil works. Scientists have observed the phenomenon of global warming and its impact on the Arctic Ocean and melting, causing the increase in sea levels and increased water vapor from the sea and the rivers and the amount of rain, high and therefore flooding everywhere and the killing of thousands of people, and also the weakness of the earth’s crust and  configuration of  larger earthquakes everywhere .

If the world accurately See and feel of Climate change and very clear and what and why that happens now !!!!!!!!!!

The Qur’an,  tells us that before the arrival of the shell  and collision   the Earth,  the angels will arriving to the earth Before the shell on the first to take the lives of believers easily and comfortably before the arrival of the shell so the believers  will not  feel any things in  the horrors day .

In the Qur’an will show you  in Chapter 79 verse 1,2,3,4,5

By those who drag forth to destruction, (1) By the meteors rushing, (2) By the lone stars floating, (3) By the angels hastening, (4) And those who govern the event, (5)

In the Qur’an will show you  in Chapter 79 verse 6,7

On the day when the first trump resoundeth. (6) And the second followeth it, (7)
Shells of space next to hit the ground and cause the reverse rotation of the Earth and the sun shines from the west and becomes a great thing

Sun burst into the atmosphere the whole mass of a burning sky
In the Qur’an in chapter 52 verse 9.10

On the day when the heaven will heave with (awful) heaving, (9) And the mountains move away with (awful) movement,

Mountains because of the high-temperature melt 16 000 ° C and 3500 degree temperature of the rocks after the melt, such as lava

Sea turns into a fire where the separated hydrogen from oxygen and hydrogen burning help of oxygen
becomes the sea is operated
In the Qur’an Chapter 81 verse 5

(5) And when the seas rise,
If the temperature in the sea and the sky becomes heat in the earth molten volcanic

No life in it .
In the Qur’an chapter 18 verse 8

And lo! We shall make all that is therein a barren mound. (8)
After all what is happening comes the stage of black holes, which you turn the universe and black Allah on not blame only, but is a substance and its density is known physicists

In the Qur’an chapter 21 verse 104

The Day when We shall roll up the heavens as a recorder rolleth up a written scroll. As We began the first creation, We shall repeat it. (It is) a promise (binding) upon Us. Lo! We are to perform it. (104)

Was nothing left but never Lord of the worlds only all Achtva was attached

In the Qur’an Chapter 55 verse 26.27

Everyone that is thereon will pass away; (26) There remaineth but the Countenance of thy Lord of Might and Glory. (27)
Then comes the stage of the Baath again show the globe, but flat, not circular and graduated from the dead Maver
Qur’an Chapter 84 Verse 3.4

And when the earth is spread out (3) And hath cast out all that was in her, and is empty (4)

The ground surface on the sand and the people at the bottom and the lighter density of the human density of sand Fbhzh light that comes out after shaking the ground
Chapter 73 verse 14

On the day when the earth and the hills rock, and the hills become a heap of running sand. (14)

Chapter 99

When Earth is shaken with her (final) earthquake (1) And Earth yieldeth up her burdens, (2) And man saith: What aileth her? (3) That day she will relate her chronicles, (4) Because thy Lord inspireth her. (5) That day mankind will issue forth in scattered groups to be shown their deeds. (6) And whoso doeth good an atom’s weight will see it then, (7) And whoso doeth ill an atom’s weight will see it then. (8)
I hope that I have given you something clearly God bless you

and this is the Qur’an website it is easy white many language
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